JFL Kicks Off Second Wellness Program

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On Monday, the Education Institute at the Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital and Medical Center (JFL), kicked off its second semi-annual wellness program for its hospital employees, and their family members.

The JFL wellness program is called the Changing Lives through Exercise And Nutrition (CLEAN) program. The 12-week program will offer a wide variety of fitness classes, healthy cooking lessons, lifestyle workshops and massage therapy.

In preparation for the CLEAN program launch this week, JFL’s Education team hosted a Meet The Trainers kick-off ceremony on Friday, April 15, 2016 to get employees active and excited about working on their health and wellness goals.  The Simply Sophisticated Fun Troupe led the charge, dancing through the aisles and encouraging employees to get up and move.  The trainers for each component introduced themselves and explained to employees what to expect in each class.

JFL’s Education team organized the extensive program which is being used as the model for other government agencies who want to host similar programs. “Our main goal at JFL is to improve the healthcare of those we serve; we also understand that our employees are our greatest resource. Through our Wellness Program, the Education Institute strives to foster a fun, active environment that teaches employees a holistic approach to adapting healthier lifestyles” said JFL Vice President of Education Terry Lynch.  “Our theme is wellness by example, and by learning improved nutrition, exercise, and stress management behaviors employees and their family members have become positive community change agents” concluded Lynch.

Along with the improved lifestyle benefits employees will receive, biometric measurements will be taken weekly. Those measurements can be used to complete the annual Health Risk Assessment required for government employees to avoid penalties with CIGNA insurance.

The fitness classes include: Zumba (Instructor-Roberta Etienne), Yoga (Instructor-Aziyza Shabazz), Karate/Self Defense (Instructor-Elvis Pedro), Crossfit (Instructor-Gus Kalathakis) and Soca Aerobics (Instructor-Khnuma Simmonds-Esannason). Dr. Letitia Henry will facilitate the nutrition workshops, and JV Diner’s Jamal Miranda will teach the healthy cooking classes.

The program is completely free for employees and their families. It was first introduced in July 2015 and ran for 12 weeks until September 26, 2015.