JFL Receives Art Donations As Part Of Healing Project


The Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital and Medical Center (JFL) is the beneficiary of a generous donation of photographs and artwork. It’s all part of the “Art at Juan Luis Hospital” project put in place by the Patient Family Council, the Artists’ Guild, and the St. Croix Senior Collaborative to bring healing art to JFL.

Twelve photographs and two pieces of art were hung in JFL’s lobby and first floor hallway by members of the three groups who also solicited the artwork. The idea for the healing art project was sparked by the concept from The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals, a non-profit organization established to alleviate the impersonal and sterile hospital environment by placing beautiful photographs of nature in hospitals.  “We thought it would be beneficial to help beautify the hospital and provide a nice, healing environment for patients and their families when they go to JFL,” remarked Linda Garvin who along with local artist Elizabeth Keith, spearheaded the project.  Garvin is a member of both the Patient Family Council and the St. Croix Senior Collaborative.

The Foundation’s research indicates that art can reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, reduce the need for pain medication, and a be a positive distraction for patients, visitors, and staff. “We are so grateful for these amazing pieces that have beautified and already transformed the environment within the hospital,” said JFL Public Information Officer Erica Parsons.  “We’re really thankful to the volunteers from Patient Family Council, the Artist’s Guild and the St. Croix Senior Collaborative for their hard work and efforts to bring new life to JFL, for not just the patients and visitors, but for the staff as well.”

The groups will continue to solicit more art for the hospital’s corridors, waiting areas, and offices. “Several members of our group are a part of the arts community, and this was one way that we thought we could contribute,” concluded Garvin.

The volunteers also suggest that people consider putting the hospital in their wills or trusts, granting artwork to the hospital as a part of their giving plan.  For more information, contact Linda Garvin at 340-690-3002 garvinlj@gmail.com or Elizabeth Keith 340-719-2733 elizabeth@coralcmermaid.com