Pursuant to Title 19, Subsection 245 (a) of the Virgin Islands Code, the Government Hospitals and Health Facilities Corporation, hereinafter referred to as GHHFC, The Governor Juan F. Luis Hospital (JFLH) will receive proposals for the work described below. Proposals will be received until November 29, 2021, @ 3:00 p.m. ATLANTIC STANDARD TIME.


Project Description:

      1. Governor Juan Luis Hospital & Medical Center (JFLH) is soliciting proposals from qualified Teleradiology Services PROVIDERS (PROVIDERS and in the singular, PROVIDER) to provide dependable offsite final and preliminary radiology interpretations of the following:
        • Computed Tomography Exams (CT)
        • Ultrasound (US)
        • X-Ray / Plain Film
      1. Offsite interpretation services will typically be required for after-hours typically between 7 pm -7 am daily Monday-Friday, 24 hours on weekends, and up to 24 hours on holidays designated in contract by the GJFLH. The PROVIDER, through its radiologists, will provide written imaging interpretations (reports) from a remote location for all cases assigned to PROVIDER’s Radiologist. These written imaging interpretations will occur via a secure network in accordance with HIPPA regulations and include all necessary safeguards against data breaches. The PROVIDER will ensure that a sufficient number of qualified radiologists are available to provide coverage for the GJFLH Imaging department. All radiologists providing services under this agreement must be fully qualified and will have the proper PROVIDER verified credentials to receive privileges from GJFLH to provide these services. Professional liability insurance requirements are required to be maintained based on the minimum established by the USVI Law.
      1. All dedicated imaging reports prepared by the PROVIDER’S radiologists shall contain the name of the ordering Licensed Independent Provider (LIP), type of exam, the reason for exam, and the interpreting radiologist’s direct contact information. Obstetric (OB) ultrasound reports will contain all pertinent OB measurements that the sonographer records on the sonographic images for the respective OB ultrasound exam.
      1. The interpreting radiologist will communicate by telephone critical findings directly to the ordering respective LIP and include all pertinent information that is permanently included in the respective dictated reports. Prospectively, the interpreting radiologist will addend the name of the LIP who received the communication (s) and the dates(s) and time (s) of this communication to the official report.
      1. The PROVIDER shall furnish services in accordance with professional standards and any and all applicable laws and or regulatory, accreditation, and reimbursement standards.
      1. The PROVIDER shall provide, at its own expense, all hardware, and software necessary to transmit radiology studies from GJFLH PACS to the PROVIDER for interpretation and to transmit a report to file in GJFLH electronic medical record (EMR). The PROVIDER shall be responsible for the expenses related to the provision of teleradiology interpretations and reports.
      1. PROVIDER will transmit electronic records for diagnostic interpretative requests sent by GJFLH based on turnaround times established by GJFLH and Provider in accordance with accepted guidelines. Additionally, the PROVIDER will transmit electronic reports to GJFLH within 30 minutes for diagnostic interpretative requests sent with the STAT designation after said study has been validated by GJFLH.
      1. The provider will focus on reducing radiation and ultrasound exposures to all patients and, in particular, to pregnant and pediatric patients.
      1. The PROVIDER will work proactively with GJFLH to set and implement industry best practices, including changes to those best practices, as needed.
      1. The PROVIDER will furnish to GJFLH, on a monthly basis, accurate Radiologist Peer Review Reports in compliance with American College of Radiology (ACR) guidelines. PROVIDER will maintain a Peer Review Program for reviewing radiologist interpretation errors and will also review all errors brought to PROVIDER’S attention by GJFLH. PROVIDER will archive all interpretation errors and take corrective action as deemed appropriate by PROVIDER’s Quality Assurance Committee.
      1. The PROVIDER will furnish to GJFLH addenda and correct reports in a timely manner. The PROVIDER will have in place processes to manage such requests based on urgency: STAT or routine. Addenda caused by technologist error will be charged to GJFLH, addenda caused by radiologist error will be at no charge to GJLH.
      1. The PROVIDER will provide GJFLH with feedback regarding image quality.
      1. The PROVIDER will furnish GJFLH with a fee schedule for preliminary and final teleradiology reports and an outline of payment terms and conditions for services.


1. Last day for requests for written clarification will be November 18, 2021 @ 12 P.M. (AST)
2. Responses – Addenda or Modifications to Solicitation: November 22, 2021
3. Proposals will be accepted at the Hospital, no later than November 29, 2021 @ 3 P.M. (AST)
4. Bid Opening: November 30, 2021 @ 9:00A.M. (AST) via Cisco WebEx, link will be provided the day of.

All interested parties shall submit one (1) original and five (5) copies to JFLH. Include one (1) additional copy in a digital format (saved in pdf). Bidding documents shall be addressed to:

Rochelle Lewis, Director of Property & Procurement
4007 Estate Diamond Ruby
St. Croix, Virgin Islands 00820

Solicitation Package: IFB 2021-204 for Teleradiology Services
Contract Boiler Plate: Professional Services Boiler Plate
General Contract Terms: Professional General Contract Terms