Title Biomedical Technician (Hemodialysis)
Salary Salary Commensurate with Experience


The individual in this role performs all the activities necessary to implement safe and effective technical operations. The Biomedical Technician understands and operates all of the equipment necessary to perform his/her duties including but not limited to water treatment, hemodialysis machines, and ancillary medical equipment. This individual ensures proper documentation and participation in quality control activities as required elements of this position. This individual is responsible for inventory management of all supplies and equipment and performs all work safely, effectively, and in a manner that is consistent with the State, Federal and Hospital guidelines and Hospital policies and procedures.


  1. Execute and monitor all technical activities in accordance with Hospital administrative, financial and quality policies and procedures to ensure regulatory compliance with all local, state and federal rules and regulations.
  2. Maintain adequate supply inventory for assigned center(s) and remote locations to ensure safe and effective patient care.
  3. Responsible for day-to-day operation and maintenance of all medical equipment, including water treatment plant, solutions delivery systems, hemodialysis machines, and other ancillary equipment required for delivery of safe, patient care.
  4. Demonstrate effective communication with clinical staff, patients, vendors and home office.
  5. Serve as the Hemodialysis Department Safety Officer.
  6. Responsible for the Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) program and compliance with state, and federal requirements of same.
  7. Perform all preventative maintenance inspections in accordance with Hospital policies and procedures, and any state regulations.
  8. Perform all equipment calibrations and repairs in a timely manner and verify proper device function after calibrations and repairs.
  9. Complete and maintain all required documentation.
  10. Maintain inventory of repair and maintenance parts.
  11. Oversee and/or verify completion of required daily water system performance checks and tests and document results.
  12. Routinely inspect water system components, bicarbonate/acid system components for proper operation, settings and conditions.
  13. Perform RO and distribution system sanitizations per manufacturer’s recommendations, or more often, as indicated by microbiological test results.
  14. Collect, prepare and submit water and dialysate samples for chemical and microbiological testing per Hospital policy.
  15. Review, record and/or maintain documentation of all water test results.
  16. Oversee and/or verify completion of all Bicarbonate/Acidified Concentrate Solution preparation and testing documentation. Verify performance of Bicarbonate Concentrate System sanitization.
  17. Prepare and submit orders for all center supplies based on monthly usage and/or center needs.
  18. Receive and/or maintain documentation of supply order deliveries, including timely delivery of packing lists and invoices to the accounting department for posting and payment.
  19. Maintain adequate “par” levels to meet monthly needs and keep supply inventory area(s) in a neat, organized manner.
  20. Work with the maintenance department to coordinate minor repairs such as replacing ceiling tiles, light bulbs, changing HVAC filters as needed, and, with approval, arrange external building trades repair service.
  21. Perform monthly inspection and documentation to include; physical plant and grounds, test of center safety devices such fire extinguishers, fire and security systems, emergency, exit and external lights, and, if applicable, emergency power generator.
  22. Monitor housekeeping services to ensure a safe, sanitary environment.
  23. Maintain HMIS required documentation including Material Safety Data Sheets.
  24. Perform, record, and/or document results of required environmental testing.
  25. Maintain proper storage of hazardous materials.
  26. Immediately report any unsafe condition(s) found to the Unit Administrator.


  1. High school or equivalent plus one year experience. S. degree in electronics or related curriculum preferred Or Minimum 1 year mechanical repair and/or maintenance experience required, dialysis or medical equipment a plus.
  1. Prior experience in a healthcare related field, preferred.
  2. Experience with physical plant layout and location of related equipment — including circuit breakers, water mains, HVAC controls, and fire equipment/ systems.


  1. Ability to use hand and power tools to include Digital Volt Meters, Amp meters, Conductivity meters, pH, water hardness, chlorine and other chemical measuring and test devices.
  2. Knowledge of Center (or dialysis industry, medical treatment facility) technical protocol, policies, and procedures to include demonstrated knowledge of requirements for environmental safety and disinfection procedures.( AAMI, EPA, OSHA).
  3. Knowledge of all hazardous aspects of universal blood and body fluid precautions, material safety data sheets, safety equipment use, emergency contacts, and action plans.
  4. Knowledge of the technical aspects of hemodialysis.
  5. Ability to operate dialysis machinery.
  6. Ability to trouble shoot machines and repairs and preventative maintenance as needed.
  7. Ability to relate with tact and understand to deal with parents, doctors, staff and all other persons contacted during the course of work.