Once you have been admitted, you will be assigned a room. Rooms are assigned based on your medical diagnosis and the availability of resources to attend to your needs. Upon settling into our room, the nursing staff will explain the features of your room.

In most standard rooms, some of the amenities you will find are a telephone, Cable TV and nurse call system. The following is a brief description of each:

Telephone Services: Each patient’s room is equipped with a telephone in order to communicate with family and friends during their stay at the hospital. The telephone is located on the night stand with the extension
for the bed noted on the phone. The main hospital number to call is (340) 77If there is anything else we can do to make your stay more comfortable, please feel free to contact a nurse or the Patient Advocate.8-6311. Our operators will be happy to connect your family and friends to the patient’s room, or if you know the patient’s room number/extension, you can use the automated telephone system.

Cable Services: Each room is equipped with a television with cable access. Look at Channel #3 for featured hospital information.

Call System: Next to each bedside and in the restroom there are nursing calling systems installed, so that our friendly nursing staff can assist you as needed.


JFLH accepts no responsibility for the personal property of patients officially admitted to our inpatient services. Patients are encouraged to leave personal items and valuables at home. During your visit or stay, there will not be a need to bring jewelry or other valuable items to the hospital. Cash should be limited to no more than $5.00 in currency or coins.

Patients are encouraged not to acquire and accumulate personal property while in the hospital. Personal property acquired by the patient during their stay in the hospital is the responsibility of the patient or their duly authorized representative.