Invitation  for Proposal No: IFP-008-2018 pursuant to Chapter 23, Title 31 of the Virgin Islands Code, the Governor Juan F. Luis Hospital and Medical Center is Inviting Proposals from qualified firm(s) to provide Gift Shop Management at the Governor Juan F. Luis Hospital and Medical Center.


Sealed Proposals: Vendor will deliver one (1) original and two (2) copies. Proposals will be received by the Governor Juan F. Luis Hospital & Medical Center at:

4007 Estate Diamond Ruby Richmond

St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands 00820

Attn. Zakee Abdurrasheed

Until 4:00 o’clock P.M., Atlantic Standard Time

on Monday,  January 28,2019


Pre-Proposal Meeting and Site Visit: will be held at the Governor Juan F. Luis Hospital and Medical Center at 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, January 17, 2018. We meet at the main lobby.

Bidding Documents may be obtained from the Governor Juan F. Luis Hospital & Medical Center for a fee of $ 25.00 per set

For further information please contact:

Mr. Zakee Abdurrasheed at  340-778-6311Ext. 2300

Click link below for full scope:

IFP 008- 2018 Full scope Gift Shop Management Services




Request for Proposal No: IFP-006-2018 pursuant to Chapter 23, Title 31 of the Virgin Islands Code, the Governor Juan F. Luis Hospital and Medical Center is requesting Proposals from qualified firm(s) to provide ER Improvements to include Bathroom facilities and alternate route for sewage lines that will terminate in Public Utility drains on site at JFL. Work to be completed as per drawings and specs provided.


Please see attached: IFB 006-2018

JFL is Officially Announcing Invitation for Bids No: IFB-005-2018 is CLOSED!


Invitation No. IFB-005-2018

Description of Work and Project Number: IFB-005-2018 Site Preparations, Structures, Mechanical and Electrical Services for Temporary Facilities Identified as Phase 1 (T.O.R. – Temporary Operating Rooms) and Phase 2 (Dialysis) required on site at the Hospital.

IFB-005-2018 Site Prep Phase 1 (TOR) and 2 (Dialysis) March 21 2018

Sample of Construction Contract, along with Addenda I, II and III

Sample Construction Contract

SAMPLE – Construction Contract Addenda I II and III

TOR & Dialysis Documents for BID IFB-005-2018:$33@%5eLABG1509%5e%5eHKJIM@/18/031/

Addendum No.1$33@%5eLABG1509%5e%5eHKJIM@/18/031/

Addendum No.2

Addendum #2_GJFL Hospital – TOR & Dialysis _2018-04-02

JFL Has Posted for Bid RFP-003-2018 Temporary Medical Facility (Temporary Hardened Structure – THS) Services – CLOSED!!

NEW BID DUE DATE – MARCH 20, 2018 @ 5:00PM

Request for Proposals No: RFP-003-2018 pursuant to section 245a of Title 19 of the Virgin Islands Code, the Governor Juan F. Luis Hospital and Medical Center (JFLH) is requesting Proposals from qualified firm(s) to provide a Temporary Medical Facility (Temporary Hardened Structures THS) required on site at JFLH.

RFP-003-2018 Temporary Hardened Structures (THS) services_2018-02-22

Addendum No.1

Addendum #1_RFP-003-2018-THS Services_2018-02-27

Addendum No.2

Addendum #2_RFP-003-2018-THS Services_2018-03-5

Addendum No.3

Addendum #3_RFP-003-2018-THS Services_2018-03-09

Addendum No.4

Addendum #4_RFP-003-2018-THS Services_2018-03-15

Addendum No.5

Addendum #5_RFP-003-2018-THS Services_2018-03-16

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JFL Pharmacy Med-to-Bed Program Recognized Nationally

The Executive management and staff of the Governor Juan F. Luis Hospital and Medical Center (JFL) would like to congratulate the Pharmacy department on being recognized nationally for their recent Med-to-Bed initiative launched last year. JFL’s Med-to-Bed program was featured in the Quality Improvement Organizations (QIO) online publication in January.  JFL Acting CEO Atty. Richard T. Evangelista remarked “I would like to extend congratulations to Ms. Laura Forbes and the Pharmacy Staff for the national recognition, and for their continuous dedication to providing quality patient care.”

JFL has been working with the Health Services Advisory Group (HSAG), the QIO representing the Virgin Islands and several other states, to help improve the care delivered to patients. HSAG provided the support to help implement JFL’s Med-to-Bed program, and recommended the article for publication to spotlight the new program for the hospital.

The Med-to-Bed program is a service offered in some hospitals where medications are delivered to a patient’s bedside prior to discharge.   It was implemented locally as part of JFL’s continuing commitment to providing quality healthcare. This initiative guarantees that the patient has immediate access to their prescriptions, and can help them avoid challenges with transportation or wait times in the pharmacy to fill a prescription. An added benefit is that pharmacists are also available to properly educate patients about their medications before they go home. Med-to-Bed is a free program, so there is no charge for the delivery service. However, the patients are responsible for paying for their prescriptions.

JFL’s pharmacy department introduced the program last May. Participating pharmacies include Diamond Pharmacy, Golden Rock Pharmacy, The Medicine Shoppe, Neighborhood Pharmacy, and both locations of the Mount Welcome Pharmacy.


The story can be accessed at the following web address:

JFL Deploys Pediatric Wagons

Children who have to stay overnight at the Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital and Medical Center (JFL) will now have a new way to get around the hospital. JFL deployed a fleet of four red wagons this week to different areas of the medical center that will serve pediatric patients.

Wagons are used in scores of children’s hospitals nationwide to help provide a “kid-friendly” experience to what can be a very frightening time for a young child. The red wagon project is the brainchild of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Nurse Manager, Faye John-Baptiste, who is very excited about the “red wagon” roll out. “Children have very unique needs to feel safe, especially when they are sick, injured or in an unfamiliar environment.  Using the wagons for transport throughout JFL can provide a fun element to what can be a very scary time,” said John-Baptiste.

The Radio Flyer wagons were deployed on Wednesday to the following areas of the hospital: the Emergency Room, the Operating Room and Pediatrics.  Each wagon is uniquely labeled with a JFL license plate for easy identification.  They will be used to transport children, who are being admitted, who are going to have procedures or x-rays done, and to transport them to and from their rooms.

John-Baptiste is a strong advocate for child friendly experiences throughout the hospital, and she said these new child transports will help calm a lot of little fears.  JFL purchased the wagons from Radio Flyer, Inc.

JFL Receives Art Donations As Part Of Healing Project

The Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital and Medical Center (JFL) is the beneficiary of a generous donation of photographs and artwork. It’s all part of the “Art at Juan Luis Hospital” project put in place by the Patient Family Council, the Artists’ Guild, and the St. Croix Senior Collaborative to bring healing art to JFL.

Twelve photographs and two pieces of art were hung in JFL’s lobby and first floor hallway by members of the three groups who also solicited the artwork. The idea for the healing art project was sparked by the concept from The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals, a non-profit organization established to alleviate the impersonal and sterile hospital environment by placing beautiful photographs of nature in hospitals.  “We thought it would be beneficial to help beautify the hospital and provide a nice, healing environment for patients and their families when they go to JFL,” remarked Linda Garvin who along with local artist Elizabeth Keith, spearheaded the project.  Garvin is a member of both the Patient Family Council and the St. Croix Senior Collaborative.

The Foundation’s research indicates that art can reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, reduce the need for pain medication, and a be a positive distraction for patients, visitors, and staff. “We are so grateful for these amazing pieces that have beautified and already transformed the environment within the hospital,” said JFL Public Information Officer Erica Parsons.  “We’re really thankful to the volunteers from Patient Family Council, the Artist’s Guild and the St. Croix Senior Collaborative for their hard work and efforts to bring new life to JFL, for not just the patients and visitors, but for the staff as well.”

The groups will continue to solicit more art for the hospital’s corridors, waiting areas, and offices. “Several members of our group are a part of the arts community, and this was one way that we thought we could contribute,” concluded Garvin.

The volunteers also suggest that people consider putting the hospital in their wills or trusts, granting artwork to the hospital as a part of their giving plan.  For more information, contact Linda Garvin at 340-690-3002 or Elizabeth Keith 340-719-2733

JFL Kicks Off Second Wellness Program

On Monday, the Education Institute at the Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital and Medical Center (JFL), kicked off its second semi-annual wellness program for its hospital employees, and their family members.

The JFL wellness program is called the Changing Lives through Exercise And Nutrition (CLEAN) program. The 12-week program will offer a wide variety of fitness classes, healthy cooking lessons, lifestyle workshops and massage therapy.

In preparation for the CLEAN program launch this week, JFL’s Education team hosted a Meet The Trainers kick-off ceremony on Friday, April 15, 2016 to get employees active and excited about working on their health and wellness goals.  The Simply Sophisticated Fun Troupe led the charge, dancing through the aisles and encouraging employees to get up and move.  The trainers for each component introduced themselves and explained to employees what to expect in each class.

JFL’s Education team organized the extensive program which is being used as the model for other government agencies who want to host similar programs. “Our main goal at JFL is to improve the healthcare of those we serve; we also understand that our employees are our greatest resource. Through our Wellness Program, the Education Institute strives to foster a fun, active environment that teaches employees a holistic approach to adapting healthier lifestyles” said JFL Vice President of Education Terry Lynch.  “Our theme is wellness by example, and by learning improved nutrition, exercise, and stress management behaviors employees and their family members have become positive community change agents” concluded Lynch.

Along with the improved lifestyle benefits employees will receive, biometric measurements will be taken weekly. Those measurements can be used to complete the annual Health Risk Assessment required for government employees to avoid penalties with CIGNA insurance.

The fitness classes include: Zumba (Instructor-Roberta Etienne), Yoga (Instructor-Aziyza Shabazz), Karate/Self Defense (Instructor-Elvis Pedro), Crossfit (Instructor-Gus Kalathakis) and Soca Aerobics (Instructor-Khnuma Simmonds-Esannason). Dr. Letitia Henry will facilitate the nutrition workshops, and JV Diner’s Jamal Miranda will teach the healthy cooking classes.

The program is completely free for employees and their families. It was first introduced in July 2015 and ran for 12 weeks until September 26, 2015.