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“From the nursing staff, the maintenance staff, all the way up to doctors, Juan Luis Hospital has a real commitment to quality care for our community and their patients.”

Elizabeth F.

“What this hospital did for my wife who was suddenly struck with shingles in her left eye, from the doctors down to all the nurses, was outstanding!”

Al F.

“My daughter was born at 25 weeks, one pound and 13.4 ounces and stayed right here at the Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital’s NICU.The care that the doctors, nurses and entire staff provided, made it comfortable enough for me to leave at night and return the next day knowing that they’re properly equipped and knowledgeable enough to take care of my daughter.”

Lakeisha I.

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Meet Our Physicians

Raymond Cintron

Dr. Angel Lake

Medical Doctor

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Raymond Cintron

Dr. Kendall Griffith

Interventional Cardiologist

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Raymond Cintron

Dr. Emmanuel Graham


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Raymond Cintron

Dr. Ramesh Lakhram


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Raymond Cintron

Dr. Raymond Cintron


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Anne Treasure

Dr. Olivine Treasure


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Angelo Galiber

Dr. Angelo Galiber

Radiologist/Chief of Radiology

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Dante Galiber

Dr. Dante Galiber


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Michael Rubin

Dr. Michael Rubin

Carol Shores

Dr. Carol Shores

Marc Abramson

Dr. Marc Abramson

Ronald Anders

Dr. Ronald Anders

Zach Armstrong

Dr. Zach Armstrong

Michele Berkeley

Dr. Michele Berkeley

Gregory Casey

Dr. Gregory Casey

Regina Flippin

Dr. Regina Flippin

Carl Gruber

Dr. Carl Gruber

Beth Joseph

Dr. Beth Joseph

Alison Killelea

Dr. Alison Killelea

Learie Lindsay

Dr. Learie Lindsay

Wayne Marchant

Dr. Wayne Marchant

Lacey Menkinsmith

Dr. Lacey Menkinsmith

Walter Pedersen

Dr. Walter Pedersen

Jewel Owen

Dr. Jewel Owen


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