St. Croix Community Hospital FOundation

The mission of the St. Croix Community Hospital Foundation (SCCHF) is to “Enhance Healthcare Delivery in St. Croix with long-term sustainability for our community.” Through its board of directors, SCCHF, supported by CFVI, will increase community awareness, raise funds for programs and services, and provide stewardship of the funds, to advance local healthcare and improve quality patient care for the residents of our community.


In 2021, a collaborative effort was initiated to establish a foundation in support of Governor Juan F. Luis Hospital and Medical Center. This endeavor involved the participation of hospital leaders, medical staff, and dedicated community volunteers who collectively evaluated the most effective way forward. With the backing of the Territory Board, the St. Croix Community Hospital Foundation, Inc. (SCCHF) was formally established in 2024, empowered by its own Board of Directors. To reduce initial expenses, SCCHF has partnered with The Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands (CFVI), which functions as an Agency Fund within CFVI’s framework. The foundation has enthusiastically launched fundraising and community outreach initiatives to generate support and momentum.



1. Increase philanthropic support.

2. Enhance community engagement.

3. Strengthen strategic partnerships.

4. Expand donor stewardship & recognition.

5. Develop sustainable revenue streams. 


With the help of SCCHF, we have secured over $500,000 in grant funding towards key projects at JFLHMC.

  • 2024 Fundraising Goal 50% 50%

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