The Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) contributed significantly to the Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital & Medical Center (JFL) by donating five boxes of pediatric Braslow cart supplies.This donation, funded by the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA), ensures that hospitals in the territory have adequate emergency pediatric resources for our young population.

The EMSC program has a team of experts, including an EMSC Project Director, Jacqueline Greenidge-Payne, a program manager, Ericka McIntosh, a Family Adviser Network representative (FAN) Arnold Payne, along with JFL’s Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinators (PECC), Sheniqua Dore RN, Alana Morales RN, and Faye John-Baptiste RN. This program provides equipment and training to help hospitals become pediatric-ready. According to Ms. Greenidge-Payne, “This year marks the 40th year of EMS-C nationwide, and our goal is to make our hospitals recognized as being pediatric-ready. We aim to achieve this goal through continuous support by donating supplies and providing equipment, and training as needed.”

JFL is grateful for the EMS-C program’s continuous support and unwavering commitment to ensuring that our hospitals are equipped and prepared to provide emergency pediatric care to our most vulnerable population. The contribution made by the EMS-C program will undoubtedly help save many young lives in the future.

Pictured (left to right): Faye John-Baptiste RN (PECC), Arnold Payne (FAN), Dr. Beth Joseph (ED Physician), Alana Morales RN (PECC), Jacqueline Greenidge-Payne (Project Director)