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The JFL Patient Advocacy Program is designed to safeguard the autonomy and dignity of our patients. At JFL, each patient receives a Patient Advocate. The Patient Advocate is here to act on the patient’s behalf within the hospital structure and to provide patients with the support, information and skills necessary to act on their own behalf, whenever possible.

It is the policy of JFL to provide a system where patients and their families can voice concerns or compliments about the quality of care, to include but not limited to perceptions over care received or relating to premature discharge.

Typically, the Patient Advocate visits all newly admitted patients on the Medical, Surgical, Pediatric, and Post-Partum Units. The Patient Advocate is here to ensure your stay with us is pleasant and comfortable.

You can reach the Patient Advocate at (340) 778-6311 extension 2396 or send an email to

Many patients, including parents or guardians of pediatric patients, will be asked to complete a satisfaction survey, which typically occurs 4 – 6 weeks after your visit. The Administration uses this survey to determine areas where we can improve to ensure excellent patient care and satisfaction.

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